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Random Pictures from Cloud Jungle
Front walk planting bed.JPG
Who we are!
Cloud Jungle ePiphytes is changing. Over the last several years I have operated a small online business for hard to find plants of all kinds. The rigors of packing and shipping coupled with the fact I was most likely losing money has forced me to no longer sell plants as I have in the past.
This site is now devoted to my plant collection and my interest in general. I will have a few plants for sale from time to time but nothing like I did have.street kings download
I do like to trade and I will be providing a place for us to set trades up. Take a look at my pictures since I have pictures of any plants that are hard to find images of or you may not have known they existed.
In my Plant Collection section you will see a listing by plant family of the plants I have or have had in my collection. So, if you may be after a certain plant you will be able to search my collection for a particular plant.
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